Do you seriously think you're funny?

Yes. Yes I do. 

Who is The Prince?

The Prince is my boyfriend. He is called The Prince because he bears a striking resemblance to Prince Harry, the hotter Prince of Wales. When we started dating, I commonly referred to him as The Prince. The name has stuck with both me and a number of my entourage.

Prozac? What?

As my "about me" section suggests, I have anxiety disorder. This is a somewhat recent formal discovery, but also something that I've known about myself for a long time. I took Prozac for about five months despite harsh criticism from a lot of important people in my life. I'm not ashamed of my disorder or the fact that I used medication to help me deal with it- that's why it's in the title, right there for everyone to see. I stopped taking Prozac a few months ago because I wasn’t sure that my 20mg dose was really doing anything for me. I experienced nothing terrible when I stopped taking it, contrary to what Web MD threatened told me to prepare for.

What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

African or European?

Where did your blog title come from?

Late one night when I was writing in my journal*, I wrote something like: "And this is really the story of how a prince and Prozac changed my life." Because, well, those two things combined- The Prince and the Prozac- had changed my life drastically for the better.

*Why, yes, I journal. I journal like a little old lady. Suck it.

Why did you start blogging?

I moved across Canada in January 2012 and started living illegally/secretly/disgustedly in The Prince’s university dorm. He had a lot of classes to go to and a part time job at the time. I had nothing to do, ever. I began to go absolutely stir-crazy in that closet-sized room. So I started this blog. We have an apartment now, so I’m not so much “stir” crazy, just, you now, crazy in general.

Would you be a doll and post about my blog/follow me because I totally just followed you/do this tagging post where you have to answer 8 billion questions about yourself/link up for this weekly series I invented/share my giveaway opportunity with your followers so I can get more followers/pass along this award I just gave you/do button swapsies with me/guest post on my blog/let me guest post on your blog?

Honestly, I doubt it, but you’re free to ask.

Are you a total bitch or what?


What is your real name?

I’ll never tell. Well, I might, but probably not unless you send me a present.


  1. HHAHAHH stop it

    1. You're cute, Anonymous person who is not so Anonymous to me :)

  2. Hellooooo!! If you're not cool, I'm not cool either and that's just unacceptable!
    So better move your lazy ass (excuse my French) and fill up a FAQ page ASAP! Ya hear me? Duh! Of course you don't...

    Sweet xo

    1. I do hear you! I have the best of intentions for changing this page this week! I will let you know when I update it. :)

  3. umm... I have a question... what skin care regime do you use...??HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm just messin' too... who the EF asks that? Oh and just so you know... you are the coolest! Love Elle xo

  4. Monty Python reference? I officially love you.

  5. Michelle's right. Though it was today's coffee cup post got me reading more, it's "unladen swallow" that's the clincher.

  6. So I don't really know where to post this comment but I ADORE you! I like to think we're alike. I know how anxiety/depression is...a bitch. But I love the way you say you whine and sulk just like I do! lol. Great blog. =)


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